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How THIS Book Is Changing The Way People Think About Family, Relationships, And Life

How THIS Book Is Changing The Way People Think About Family, Relationships, And Life

Listen, if you crave for Powerful, Emotional, and Captivating stories like I do, you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you.

J.K. Rowling, Novelist, Screenwriter, and Film Producer once said:

“There’s always room for a story that can transport people to another place.”

‘The Olive Tree’ is doing exactly that according to the readers.

Come with me

Let’s go on journey of a young girl, her family, an unlikely friendship set in a country that is in a process of being destroyed.

Like many readers we may experience Love, Care, and Courage in a very volatile world.

“…On her 47th birthday she vomited so much that we had to take her to hospital. It was only then that we found out she was pregnant with twins. Mum nearly passed out from shock, and my father clapped and jumped all through the ward. I remember being completely overjoyed. 

I had always wanted a sibling to break my loneliness – a little play mate I could spend hours toying and fighting with. Now I’d be getting two!”

Here’s the thing:

Since the beginning of our existence, stories have been told to start a conversation, entertain, or to prove a point. The reality is that our mind is hardwired for stories.

Think about it… 

Everyone wants to be a part of the story that takes them on an emotional rollercoaster ride, entertains them, and makes them think and reflect.

And then that story becomes a part of their existence, the life they are living, and sometimes the decision they are making to live that life. 

When that happens, that story becomes a cultural cult. 

And that’s powerful.

Now, I’m not saying that this novel has gone on to become a cult. But as you will see here, why this unusual and powerful novel is being loved by the readers of every generation. 

According to Amazon,

Mariam El Houli’s The Olive Tree is a heartbreaking and gripping debut – a tale of friendship, strength and loss, and the fatal consequences systematic prejudice can have on a country’s people.”

What are people saying about this novel?

 Zuzz, messages me:

“When I was reading the novel, especially about Amal, I cried so much and hugged my son.

How fortunate we are to go to the hospital or to a doctor if we ever need to!”


OZLEM. K says:

“WOW! This book is so full of emotions using strong, easy, and descriptive language and vocabulary. 

The plot gets more and more intense in a short amount of time for the character. It made me reflect on how sometimes calamities just keep falling upon us like dominoes and it can feel never-ending. But it’s hope and faith that helps us through it. 

It’s a fiction that depicts reality very well. 

I’m stoked, no wonder that book is the number one Amazon Bestseller. Looking forward to your next project” 


MRS YASMIN, a blogger posts:

“I’m not much of a reader, nonetheless leave a public review on a book. 

‘The Olive Tree’ by Mariam Elhouli is simply a must-read. I picked up the book in the hopes of getting some screen-free time before bed and it quickly became a book I couldn’t put down

It’s an easy read (which I liked the most). Really it put things into perspective while having me go from laughter to tears.

Well done Mariam Elhouli. It’s no wonder this is an Amazon Bestseller.” 

RAGHDA TALEB messages:

“I get bored when I read books and I tend to lose interest but the way you wrote this novel I can imagine a movie playing in my head while reading!

I just wanted to keep reading.”


HEMPSIA informs:

“I just finished it!

And Wow!!

I balled my eyes out when she lost her mum.

What an extraordinary book!

My fav quote would have to be:

“We’re so broken that men could never understand.”

This is so true as women we endure resiliently with what life throws at us.”


There’s SVETLANA who says:

“Thanks to Nisma, I was a teenager again. I was stubborn and innocent. 

My eyes were filled with tears and my heart was breaking for her… as well as for all other children because no child should go through such things. 

From the safety of my home, I was allowed to visit the family of strangers who were more familiar than I thought. Sharing lessons I needed to be reminded of…”


EMMA shares and gives her score:

“OMG I cried so much!! It took me on a rollercoaster. Although it was an easy read, there are some deep messages in this book. 10/10”


SUZIE announces:

This story sums up humanity in such a simple way.”

This is just a tiny sample of countless messages, social media posts, book reviews, and calls I’m getting everyday from amazing readers…

And they’re sharing and talking about how this novel impacted them.

The Truth is...

We all have experienced pain, suffering, and loss of our loved ones at some points of time in our life. That’s the reality of this world we live in and we can’t run away from this. 

So we find ways to be optimistic about life. We try to find hope while taking care of our loved ones to make sure we see them happy. 

And that’s what this story is all about. 

I have been told that this book is becoming a Conversation Starter around fascinating Human Nature, and how we can learn to make our life better during adversity through the story.

The Story

A 16-year-old girl, Nizma, tries to bring hope for a compassionate and better future with her naive but optimistic mindset. 

There’s a lot she doesn’t understand but she definitely knows that something is not right and it needs to be changed to move forward. 

She wants to cultivate Hope, Love, and Care where there’s Death, Pain, and Tears.

“I knew there was a lot I did not understand – perhaps I was too naïve, too sheltered from the realities of the past. But, deep down, I knew there had to be a way forward, to bridge the conflict…”

Will she be able to do that?

This Captivating and Gut-Wrenching Story reveals exactly that and much more.

Available Now

As Featured In


The book depicts the emotional journey of a 16-year-old girl caught amidst war, who has big dreams to accomplish.”


“Her book “The Olive Tree” is all about imbuing the right mindset in readers that humans are unbreakable, strong, resilient, just like the olive tree.”

Thanks for reading it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the book.

About the Author

Mariam El Houli is an author, entrepreneur, and loving wife and mother. Of proud Lebanese background, Mariam lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and five children. 

Mariam obtained a Bachelor of Literature and Composition from Griffith University. 

When Mariam isn’t penning her next book, heading her prosperous skincare label, or doting on her family, you can find her whipping up delicious Lebanese delicacies in the kitchen.

You can find her on social media.

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